Name Luigi
Alias Luigi Ferigno
Origin Mario
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Friends Yosemite Sam
Enemies N/A
Occupation(s) Mob Member

Luigi is a minor character in the Dan for Hire series.


He's Yosemite Sam's friend. In Sesame Street, he is called upon by Sam to help kill Kermit the Frog who is causing loads of traffic. Luigi believes that Kermit is some sort of hippie frog, and decides to lick him. After licking Kermit, Luigi gets completely lost in his own little world, claiming to love everything, even Yosemite Sam, who's been a spotlight hogging whore all the years. After saying, "I feel on top of the world!" he runs into the street, Luigi gets hit by a bus and instantly gets killed. He made another appearance in "Shake It Up". Dan attempted to cover Luigi's death by putting sunglasses over his eyes, and Flotsam Ephorbia imitated his voice in order to cover his death, which Yosemite Sam bought, unfortunately sometime after Sam sent Dan to get some TNT barrels, Kermit hopped into Yosemite Sam's office and told him everything. Luigi's corpse was last seen placed in a barrel in the Shake It Up Studio by Dan and Flotsam. Luigi was mentioned in "The Battle: Part 2" and was one of the three reasons to why Yosemite Sam was going to kill Dan (the other two were because Dan fucked up Yosemite Sam's business, and somehow he managed to reprogram his DVR so it could record each episode of Bachelor Pad).

It's most likely that Luigi returns in Season 6 because of Dan messing with the epic so he can fix his life. He appeared in "Flaming Bag of Dog Shred" due to Yosemite Sam bringing him back. Unfortunately, he was killed off when Gab, in Yosemite Sam's attempt to kill her by dropping her in lava, spat lava on him killing him once again.



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