DFH Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson is a character from Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and was an enemy towards Dan Rodriguez in Dan for Hire. She is the main antagonist of The War story arc (consisting of the episodes "The War: Part One" and "The War: Part Two") and one of the three main antagonists of Season 3 (along with Kreplok and Flotsam Phorbia). Jessica is also part of a team called the Warriors (along with her three statues and Wendy Wu).

She is killed in The War: Part Two when Dominique Wilkins grabbed and dropped her into the Family Feud core reactor. Her ghost is seen in the end of the episode when Dan and the gang celebrate their victory, along with the ghosts of Yosemite Sam and Big Bird.


  • When Jessica was thrown into the Family Feud core reactor, it was similar to when Darth Vader teamed up with Luke and threw Emperor Palpatine in the Death Star II's core reactor in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This was a Star Wars parody.


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