Here is a list of all Dan for Hire episodes.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 consists of thirteen episodes. The plot of this season focuses on Flotsam finding jobs for Dan so he can support himself. This is the only season that does not have any story arcs.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
1 1 Paperboy Dan needs to find a job to pay the rent and becomes a paperboy.
2 2 Punch Drunk Dan becomes a boxer, and things go too bad.
3 3 Phineas and Ferb Dan dreams about working for Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher while attacking Anti-Dan and Anti-Flotsam.
4 4 Wario Land Dan gets hired to clean Wario's toilet.
5 5 Chowder Dan and Flotsam become announcers for a Street Fighter tournament and Wario gets some revenge.
6 6 Stitch! Stitch hires Dan to watch over his suit while he's out, but things go wrong.
7 7 Burger Time Dan gets hired by Master Shake to work at his restaurant and makes some food for Wario.
8 8 Oregon Trail Dan has to help a family of three get across the country, but they're apparently dysfunctional.
9 9 Metroid Dan gets hired by Mother Chicken to be with her for the weekend, and the two days end with an ugly surprise for Dan.
10 10 Kirby Dan is sent to help Kirby kill his enemies, but he soon finds out a disturbing truth.
11 11 Tetris Wario and Stitch get revenge on Dan for what he did to them in the past episodes.
12 12 Spyro the Dragon Dan gets hired to help Spyro the Dragon and Sparx the Dragonfly.
13 13 The Fairly OddParents! Dan runs into Timmy Turner who has just turned into an eggplant.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 consists of thirteen episodes.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
14 1 ExciteBike After being turned back to normal in the hospital, Dan replaces an injured ExciteBiker in a race.
15 2 The Lion King Timon hires Dan to help him kill the monsters, but Dan thinks that he's just like Kirby.
16 3 PacMan After being "fired" by PacMan, Dan helps the four ghosts defeat him in order to get revenge.
17 4 Mortal Kombat Dan gets hired to "help a special needs kid" who turns out to be a nightmarish, retarded monster from another dimension.
18 5 Bomberman Dan tries to murder his daughter Gab, but instead, he makes a new friend...
19 6 Ice Hockey Dan becomes a member of a Russian Ice Hockey team who he murders along with their opponents, until he is locked up for his crime and needs to go to "alternative" sources to get himself out.
20 7 Kingdom Hearts In his first job from Yosemite Sam, Dan finds and kills Sora who has been having an intimate relationship with his "Bird Girlfriend" Birdo.
21 8 Angry Birds Dan's next objective is to kill the Angry Birds when Yosemite Sam says that they're getting too popular for his taste.
22 9 SpongeBob SquarePants Yosemite Sam's next objective for Dan is to help his goons defeat SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, but Dan's plan does not seem to work.
23 10 Sesame Street Dan and Luigi attempt to kill Kermit the Frog, but things go wrong.
24 11 Shake It Up With Luigi dead, Yosemite Sam wants revenge.
25 12 The Battle: Part 01 Yosemite Sam got all his goons and plans to kill Dan.
26 13 The Battle: Part 02 Dan, Yosemite Sam, and some other weirdos fight to survive. Who will win?

Season 3Edit

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
27 1 Tapper Dan attempts to adjust to the life of a mob boss by first strong-arming a bar.
28 2 Link Dan and Co. go with Link to find Alex Russo to find out what Yosemite Sam's big plans were.
29 3 Wizards of Waverly Place Dan tries to get some word of Yosemite Sam out of Alex Russo and he finds out that Zero Suit Samus really knows Yosemite Sam's plans.
30 4 Casino Zone: Part One Dan and Co. hatch a plan to rob Casino Zone.
31 5 Casino Zone: Part Two The plan goes wrong and Dan gets a Disney On Ice show called "Disney Channel Rocks!".
32 6 Casino Zone: Part Three A new plan is made to rob Casino Zone.
33 7 Tecmo Bowl Dan and Co. play football and attempt to lose in order to win a bet, but Dan is the only one who's against losing.
34 8 The War: Part One Jessica Dawson arrives and challenges Dan and the mob family.
35 9 The War: Part Two Dan's mob takes on the yin warriors in Family Feud.
36 10 WrestleMania The girls in Dan's life fight for his love in a wrestling match.
37 11 Duck Hunt Dan gets tensed from being a mob boss and gets injured.
38 12 The Penguins of Madagascar Flotsam takes over the mob, but Dan has something to say about that, while Stitch and Wario have to deal with a druglord.
39 13 It's On Dan and Flotsam battle with each other to after the events of the last episode to determine who will be the mob boss.

Season 4Edit

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
40 1 Restart Dan gets a job at Burger Time again, and his first customer is Flotsam, who rubs his success in Dan's face.
41 2 Atari Dan works on the Atari games, but fails every time.
42 3 Final Fantasy Dan and Spyro escape prison and run into the Final Fantasy gang in a RPG-style battle.
43 4 Pokémon Dan and Spyro fight in the underground Pokémon Tournament and their first oppenent happens to be Gab.
44 5 Cash Explosion Flotsam plans for Space Cash Explosion.
45 6 Scribblenauts Maxwell hires Dan to help him obtain a Starite, but Dan tries to create a way out of his horrible life by using the power of the notebook.
46 7 MegaMan Dan attempts to rob a gas station as mentioned in the previous episode and runs into Megaman and Co.
47 8 The New Kirby Dan works with Kirby (who is now a Hollywood producer) and gives him the offer to star in "Dan: One Bad Character" with Flotsam as his co-star.
48 9 Mass Effect Dan gets an interview about his apperences in movies, including Dan: One Bad Character. However, Dan meets bad company.
49 10 Two Bad Characters Dan, Kirby and Flotsam meet for brunch, and start planning for the movie.
50 11 Skipper Wario and Stitch are brought back by Dan to make the movie.
51 12 Movie Magic Two Bad Characters is in action.
52 13 The Red Carpet The premiere of Two Bad Characters is here. But is the movie going to be good or is it going to be worse?

Season 5Edit

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
53 1 Star Fox Dan is paid by Tyler James and Avery Jennings to kill their mortal enemy, Andross.
54 2 Aliens Dan and Flotsam are sent in a mission to destroy aliens and their queen.
55 3 Joust Dan and Flotsam are jousting against a flock of space ostriches, when they meet Wario and Stitch.
56 4 Blaster Master Blaster Master comes to Wario asking if he can fix "Sophia".
57 5 Mother Chicken Dan and Flotsam are off to assassinate Mother Chicken, but end up in danger. Luckily, Gab is here to save the day.
58 6 Asteroids Wario and Stitch shoot asteroids.
59 7 Destroy Venom Dan and Co. go on a mission to destroy Planet Venom.
60 8 Star Wars Dan & Co. help Luke Skywalker clean away his home.
61 9 Rocket Knight Adventures Dan has been hired by Sparkster the Possum Knight, but things start getting weird.
62 10 StarCraft Dan and Co. get construction.
63 11 Wander Over Yonder Wander gets a visit from the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated before getting arrested by the Watchdog Army.
64 12 Boneheads Dan challenges a Soldier Fly to a Disney Channel All Star Party.
65 13 Disney Channel All Star Chicken Dan and Co. leave the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated to play Disney Channel All Star Chicken and leave Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz out.

Season 6Edit

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
66 1 Chrono Trigger Dan decides to go back in time to save his future, but first, he must fix a mistake.
67 2 Dan Master Shake Now that Dan is in the right year, he has a chance to get himself back on top.
68 3 Streets of Rage Dan must find Flotsam before it's too late because Flotsam is broke.
69 4 Scapelli Wario stole the Epoch to undo his failure. Dan must undo what Wario has done.
70 5 Crash Bandicoot Crash would never let his future be ruined. Dan must now get Crash to tell him where the epoch is.
71 6 Dragon News Network Spyro the Dragon has been claimed the real Dan for years because this was Dan's time traveling that caused this.
72 7 The Avengers Yosemite Sam is back and he wants Dan. But what Dan does not know that he will be face to face with The Avengers.
73 8 Yosemite Sam's Revenge Dan is now dead, the world is at total peace and Yosemite Sam wants to bring chaos to the world. And what about Gab?
74 9 Gab Mad Yosemite Sam may had killed Dan, but it does not stop Gab killing all of Yosemite Sam's goons including that moustached asshole.
75 10 Flaming Bag of Dog Shred Flotsam, Stitch, and Wario are about to do a prank on Yosemite Sam, and Yosemite Sam tries to kill Gab, and what about Dan?
76 11 Things Get Messy Flotsam, Stitch and Wario take 3 time machines to save Dan but messed things up. Now Flotsam is tall, Stitch's a Yoshi, Wario's a baby and Dan had became Eggman. What's next?
77 12 This Cannot Be Good The gang must fix time and turn back into their old selves.
78 13 Danger Zone Now the fate of the world depends on Dan and the others before everything gets destroyed.

Season 7Edit

Ep No# Season Ep No# Name Summary
79 1 Rebuild The gang must rebuild the world.
80 2 Back To Work The gang goes to work once again.
81 3 Elevator Action The gang tries to go verical on the elevator, but first, they must fix a mistake.
82 4 Kung Fu Dan and Flotsam try kung fu, when they meet Kirby.
83 5 Super Mario Bros. Dan and and his friends try to fight with the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas, and things don't go too good.
84 6 Wreck It Ralph
85 7 Castlevania
86 8 Ghosts 'n Goblins
87 9 Battletoads
88 10 A Link To The Past
89 11 Gears of War
90 12 DreamWorks
91 13 The Creator Dan and Flotsam try to deal with the most difficult thing by the creator.